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At AFC we are a fast-paced entrepreneurial organization constantly exploring the potentials of new technologies for the benefits of our clients. 

We’re a dedicated team of diverse contributors, wearing multiple hats and celebrating group accomplishments.

Founded in 1989, Alarm Factory Canada (AFC) is a pioneer in the segment of the advance security integration serving commercial and industrial sectore. AFC is a ULC and CANASA Certified Company from it is genesis. Founders of the company are committed to providing services with custom designed systems for each application and not to fit end user in to pre-boxed products. Open plate form products provide unlimited possibilities for future expansion, suppliers and service provides.

Complete turnkey solutions and consulting services including enterprise network, free space optics for large bandwidth applications and smart outdoor Wi-Fi network to connect structures without cabling. Metro scale single Wi-Fi network provides multiple applications for various city departments. Traffics Police CCTV, CITY CCTV Surveillance, Intelligent Traffic Control and intelligent meter reading application for utility companies.