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IT Services

Do you have the necessary staff to support your technology?

Can you extend the life of your technology investments?

Does it make sense to manage your technology infrastructure on your own?

These questions, and others, are important to answer in order to establish an IT investment and implementation plan that is right for your business. AFC will help you attain the answers you’ve been seeking to before you choose your IT service path.

Virtual servers are usually sold on a per core, per Gig of ram and amount of storage used basis, thereby allowing you to control your costs and pay only for what you need, when you need it. Host virtual servers are usually clustered for high availability.

Our distinct service approach and methodology involves:

  • BASICS - Reviewing the “basics of computing” to get your team comfortable with technology definitions
  • STEPS - Implementation of our “7 steps to success” as a roadmap to follow to sustain IT longevity
  • METHODOLOGY - Following a proven methodology that is specifically designed for IT implementations
  • AUDITS - Planning, budgeting, and developing a project timeline for determining costs
  • MANAGED SERVICES - Outsourcing management IT infrastructure tasks to a staff and team that is fully committed to your business

As an IBM Partner since the '90's we have the knowledge to consult, design, implement and manage IT solutions for your business.