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AFC Advanced Security Integration Solutions, provides Cost Saving, Easier and Efficient Management for local and global sites.

Customized solution for companies address today’s most PSIM (Physical Security) challenges.

Our total security management solutions focus on the integration and configuration of end-to-end technologies, providing a whole solutions approach to your security operations. The result is better visibility throughout your enterprise, with easier system management, more powerful information, streamlined reporting capabilities and greater integration of all of all the systems on to one platform.

  • Building Automation
  • Integration of intrusion, access control and video systems
  • Centralized and decentralised management of multiple locations
  • Powerful management and administrative capabilities
  • Remote management capabilities including live video streams
  • Video and security alarm verification capabilities for all locations
  • Streamlined reporting of security activity across the enterprise
  • Integration of Physical Security Information Management (PSIM)
  • Global Centralized user and DataSource online management