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With the number of I.T. companies soliciting your business it is hard to determine who would be the best fit for your company. Here are some of the key points that segregates AFC Advance integration from the rest of the field:

IT and PSIM (physical Security integrated management ) under one umbrella :

  • Expert Management
  • Dedicated and Superior Support
  • Flexible and Scalable Solutions
  • Advanced Threat Manager
  • Support For Any Operating System
  • Top Quality IBM Hardware
  • Q9 & Cogeco Premier Hosting Facilities
  • 24/7 Online support
  • Intrusion, Fire, Medical alarm monitoring
  • Situational awareness and notification
  • 24/7 Remote management
  • PSIM off site alarm video verification
  • CCTV Guard tours
  • 24/7 Card Access Management
  • Mobile access
  • Cloud back up and redundant servers