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Integrated Security Design services for Architects and Builders

AFC offers the skills, expertise, and global resources to provide major companies and clients around the world with comprehensive Security Design Services that help create an effective, balanced security regime involving clearly defined protocols, and physical, electronic infrastructure operated by precisely skilled manpower.

Protecting Your Organization with Expert Security Designs Organizations rely on our security expertise to design and implement the most comprehensive security solutions. From simple surveillance needs to protection designed to combat against bomb blasts or chemical/biological attacks, Pinkerton has a full range of risk management solutions that meet your needs.

AFC Security Design Team can be incorporated at any stage from the Architectural concept design stage, construction implementation stage, or while commissioning interior fit outs. To help you achieve a comprehensive risk mitigation plan, we consider and incorporate the following elements into each design:

  • Techniques for timely detection
  • Methodology for deterrence and delay
  • Integration of response measures to provide a unified rejoinder
  • Crime Prevention Through Environment Design

Pinkerton is meticulous in the way we approach the security design process. Our approach entails rigorous design plans to ensure mitigation of risks, followed by diligent assessment of the concept. Pinkerton delivers the following essential components with each security design:

  • Complex and Floor Layout - Design study from safety and security view point
  • Security Ancillaries - illumination needs, security signage, tech infrastructure
  • Access Controls - vehicle, pedestrian, and material access check points
  • CCTV Operations - optimizing equipment and locations
  • Tactical Positioning of Security Guards
  • Documentation -
    • Security Police
    • Standard Operating Procedures
    • Operations Manual
  • Training Recommendations
  • Testing and Selection Procedures
  • Security Guard Equipment Recommendations
  • Intruder Detection & Monitoring - safeguarding non-occupied areas
  • Central Command & Control - alarm and feed integration, communication relay and layout
  • Security Function – structure and training teams