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Have you ever wondered what hardware is being used to build a cloud solution? Many companies keep this information private because they don't want you to know that they are using low cost servers and hard drives. We are the opposite. We want you to know that we are using the following IBM hardware to create the best possible solution. We've been an IBM partner since the '90s and this experience allows us to build the best clouds with the best IBM products. Don't be afraid to ask other cloud providers what they are using!

  • SERVERS - IBM x3690 servers with 20 cores in each server and up to 2TB of ram. Yes, that's over 2000 Gig of ram in one server and we cluster them in three's for high availability.
  • STORAGE - IBM & SOLIDFIRE SAN's power our storage infrastructure. With these SAN's we are able to perform mirroring, replication (synchronous or asynchronous), QoS (Quality of Service thru dedicated IOPS), real-time compression, deduplication, and flashCopy for backups. Our servers and SANs are connected using multiple channel 8 Gig Fibre Channel and 10 GigE. Click on the SolidFire logo above to learn more about the SolidFire SSD SAN.
  • SOLIDFIRE - Their 5 elements allow for true storage agility.
    • Ability to easily scale out storage
    • Guaranteed IOPS performance per volume
    • Automated management for ease of use
    • High availability thru helix data protection instead of raid which allows for fast replacement of a drive in the event of a failure (minutes compared to hours for spinning disks)
    • In-line efficiency using deduplication, compression, and thin-provisioning for 4-10x data reduction without impacting performance