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Video Surveillance & Analytic Data Harvesting

Existing investment and connect seamlessly to AFC Integrated Security for business security alarm verification and management.

AFC Integrated Security continues to lead the way in business security with services called Video Services. Video Services allows you to use your existing video surveillance infrastructure and seamlessly connect to our video monitoring and business security management service. With alarm verification and management, video guard tours, video escort service and more, Video Services helps increase your level of security while preserving your infrastructure investment.

Protection of Personnel & Sensitive Areas

Whether you’re concerned about who enters and exits your facility or any other suspicious activities, AFC Integrated Security can help provide security and peace of mind. Through strategically placed video cameras, our security professionals can observe and monitor individuals who enter or exit sensitive areas within your facilities, or monitor those who perform higher-risk activities.

With MES system employees use their cell phone to contact the Monitoring Centre. A specially trained AFC Integrated Security operator confirms their identification and monitors their movement from their vehicle through the building entrance, and throughout the facility, maintaining both visual and auditory contact. It’s ideal for businesses like jewellery stores, banks, or cheque cashing facilities where there are large cash transactions or high-value goods.

Increased Security & More

Through Managed Video, AFC Integrated Security can help increase your level of security while protecting your investment in technology infrastructure and personnel. We can turn your on-site intrusion alarm and camera investments into a proactive tool to help solve everyday business security and operational challenges. Using traditional intrusion alarms and video surveillance equipment, operators can monitor your business when and where you need it. Our outdoor surveillance systems use specially designed motion detectors, or other advanced technologies, such as video analytics, which allow AFC Integrated Security operators to verify that alarms are real—and not triggered by animals or other natural events.

Reduced False Alarms

Chances are your business has experienced more than one false alarm police dispatch — and you already may have been fined by local law enforcement. Often, these false alarms are simply the result of human error. Regardless of the reason, AFC Integrated Security Video services reduce false alarms. When an alarm is triggered, our trained operators will view the live video feed on your premises and determine the cause of the alarm. With optional two-way audio, they will converse with employees, confirm identification, and help prevent the unnecessary dispatch of police.