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Offsite Backup


We offer a secure, automated and off-site backup service that uses your internet connection to send your data to our facility. You no longer have to rotate tapes or hard drives, or worry if someone has taken a copy offsite for maximum protection for fire and theft.

We offer this service in 3 versions:

Depending upon the version you select will determine how fast you will be able to restore in the event of a disaster

  • Backup 1 - Offsite copy of files
  • Backup 2 - On Premise DR Image of your server and offsite copy of files
  • Backup 3 - On Premise DR Image of your server, on premise copy of files and offsite copy of your DR Image and files

The client software that is installed on your server sends encrypted daily changes to our servers. Since this is done over the internet, your backups are automatically stored remotely. No need to take tapes or hard drives offsite. Your data is safe from disasters such as hardware failure, theft, fire or other natural or unnatural catastrophic events. In the event of a disaster, AFC would create a copy of the secured data on a hard drive and deliver it to your location for restoring.


  • Data is automatically stored offsite and updated daily (only the changes are sent daily to the datacentre)
  • Data is encrypted for both transmission and storage
  • Set it and forget it - the service runs on a schedule, backing up selected files and folders