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High Availability

With high availability (HA) and scalability hosting we are able to implement a complete disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC) solution for your business. Using multiple technologies we are able to protect your IT infrastructure for maximum uptime from either excessive loads, loss of a datacentre or loss of a server.

The following technologies are used for HA hosting:
- Clustered servers where should one server fail, the server will start up on an additional server for high availability
- Load balancing where multiple servers can process your requests for both scalability and high availability protection. This also protects your from server failure. This is very popular for web servers
- Replication of data between multiple servers. This technology is very useful to replicate systems between multiple datacentres. There is also two types of replication (asynchronous (delayed), and synchronous (immediate).
- Datacentres in two regions is useful to protect the complete loss of a datacentre for high availability

The following are your options for High Availability and Scalability:

  • Improve availability in 1 datacentre - Clustered or replicated servers
  • Improve availability in 2 datacentres - Replicated servers
  • Improve availability and scalability in 1 datacentre - minimum of 2 load balanced servers