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Why the Cloud

CAPEX vs OPEX - Organizations can move away from the large capital expenditures they make in hardware and software and move towards a more predictable model that is now part of your operating expenses instead of capital purchases.

SOFTWARE COMPLIANCE - Software is included in the monthly price for Windows Server and can also be included for Microsoft SQL Server, Office, CRM, SharePoint, Anti-virus, and many other applications.

NO HARDWARE TO PURCHASE OR UPGRADE - No longer need to concern yourself with refreshing your infrastructure as this is done for you along with the software.

FLEXIBLE PRICING & SCALABILITY - Should your business be growing, downsizing, or be seasonal, your IT costs are always variable since your costs are based upon the number of users and the amount of storage you use. It’s that simple, just like your electrical bill. We can scale up or down your requirements on the fly.

PLENTY OF COMPUTING POWER - With your data in the cloud you no longer need to worry about the processing power of local PC’s. In the future users will be given a smart phone, monitor and keyboard, (no local PC).

CENTRALIZED IT - Provides a single location for all of your data and applications for all your world wide operations.

LESS IT SUPPORT - The IT administrator’s role becomes easier and they are freed up to work on more value added services for the company in areas like reporting, software customization or users support/training.

DATA ANYWHERE - ANYTIME - Users can work virtually anywhere and access their data at anytime as long as they have an internet connection.

HIGH AVAILABILITY - Clouds are designed with redundancy on power, networking, firewalls, servers and storage

SCALABILITY - is a big factor that plays into cloud computing as we are able to increase or decrease your resources as required (eg. ram, processing power and storage within minutes).

BACKUPS - Your data is automatically backed at least daily with a certain retention period. A copy of the data is also sent to a second datacentre for complete protection.

SECURITY - we are able to include a complete set of security services including firewall protection, IPS/IDS, log monitoring, vulnerabillity scans, penetration testing, and PCI certification.

MANAGEMENT - a complete set of managed services can be added to any hosting package that would include monitoring, patching, application support, and network management.

SUPPORT - is available 24x7 from senior technicians. You no longer have to have your technicians be on call 24x7.

NO COST SERVICES - all of our hosting packages include monitoring, DNS management and IP addresses as required

DATACENTRE SERVICES - in the datacentre we provide 100% uptime of power, bandwidth and cooling. As well your data is protected in a secure facility with biometric access, video cameras and fire suppression for maximum protection.

DISASTER RECOVERY / BUSINESS CONTINUITY - all of the above services result in a complete disaster recovery solution.